Best Nordic Walking Sticks For Seniors

It is well known that maintaining an active lifestyle has many health benefits. As many people become older they cease many forms of physical activity like hiking or walking for fear of becoming injured. One of the best tools for seniors to use to continue walking in confidence are Nordic walking sticks.

Collapsible Folding Hiking & Trekking Sticks - 2 Aluminum Walking Poles with Real Cork & EVA Handle Grip Set - Ultra Strong Locking - for Men & Women (Blue, S (5'0" - 5'8"))

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A Quick Glance of the Best Walking Poles For Seniors

  1. Best Overall: Urban Poling ACTIVATOR™ Poles
  2. Best For Hiking: Foxelli Trekking Poles
  3. Best Ladies Nordic Walking Stick: High Stream Gear Women’s Collapsible Hiking Poles
  4. Most Versatile: Equipeak Folding Trekking Poles
  5. Best For Beginners: TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

Our Review Of The Best Nordic Walking Sticks For Seniors

To ensure that you select the best walking stick for your needs, we have compiled detailed research and settled on the following top options. 

Urban Poling ACTIVATOR™ Poles

Key Details

  • Material: Aluminum, rubber
  • Suitable for heights 4’2” to 6’
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 250 lbs
  • Ergonomic rubber grip

If your goal is to feel confident and secure as you trek these are the poles for you. They are our overall top picks and are considered to be the best nordic walking sticks for balance.

Enhanced features of these poles include a button locking system, strapless ergonomic rubber grips and bell-shaped tips for stability. You can’t go wrong with these Nordic walking sticks for elderly trekkers as they were actually designed by a gerontologist and occupational therapist.

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Foxelli Trekking Poles

Key Details

  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Extended length: 55”
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 250 lbs
  • 4 sets of all-terrain accessories included

If you are searching for nordic walking sticks for hiking, you should consider the Foxelli Trekking Poles. Weighing only 9.4 oz they are super light so you won’t be weighed down during hikes or walks. 

If you are a person who often gets sweaty palms these are a great option thanks to the anti-slip natural cork grips. The 4 sets of included tips allow you to trek on asphalt as well as through snow and mud.

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High Stream Gear Women’s Collapsible Hiking Poles

Key Details

  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Extended length: 47”
  • Maximum height recommendation: 5’ 6”

Made of durable aluminum 7075, these are the best ladies nordic walking sticks for seniors. They’re available in several different colors such as pink and purple to allow you to express your own individuality and look fashionable as you walk. 

Some taller users suggest that they were too short but the guidelines do state the recommended height limit as below 5’ 7”. The comfortable grips keep your hands blister-free. Each walking stick collapses down to 14.5 inches so they take up very little room when stored. 

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Equipeak Folding Trekking Poles

Key Details

  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Extended length: 51”
  • Shock-absorbing cork grips
  • Padded straps

The Equipeak Folding Trekking Poles feature padded straps and real cork grips to repel sweat. They are great nordic walking sticks for elderly people as they effectively give you stability and help maintain balance.  

The easy to reach Flick-Lock located at the top of the poles allows you to make quick height adjustments if needed. The soft cloth wrist straps provide comfort and an extra layer of needed security.

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TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

Key Details

  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Extended length: 54”
  • Interchangeable accessories
  • Affordable

The best nordic walking sticks for beginners should be affordable and easy to use. The TrailBuddy hiking poles check both of these boxes. And with threaded pole tips, you don’t have to worry about the foot covers coming off – even in mud.

The lever locks were super easy to adjust using just one hand. We couldn’t believe how tough and secure these poles were at this low of a price point! 

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How High Should Nordic Walking Sticks Be 

A question that often comes up is determining nordic walking stick height for the individual.  Luckily, the ideal height of your nordic walking sticks can be determined quite easily.

To start, you should hold the grip at the pole as it touches the ground in front of you. It should rest comfortably on the ground as your elbow is bent at a 90° angle.

Here’s a quick chart to assist in determining how high your nordic walking sticks should be:

User’s Height (Ft/Inches)Pole Height (Inches)

Nordic Walking Sticks Benefits (Summarized)

  • Provide stability to maintain balance
  • Lessens the chance of injury from falls
  • Also provide an upper body workout
  • Maintains posture thereby engaging core muscles
  • Can help burn more calories than walking without poles

Buying Guide For The Best Nordic Walking Sticks For Seniors

Here are factors to consider when buying a good set of walking poles. 


The material that the walking pole is made of will affect both safety and comfort. You will want a material that is both strong and lightweight. A material that is too heavy will eventually weigh you down as you’re walking. 

The best poles will be made of a high-grade aluminum which is known to be both lightweight and super strong. All of the walking sticks featured in our round-up are made of 7075 aluminum which is the same alloy used in many aircraft parts.    


You will want to consider if you plan to use your walking poles over a variety of surfaces. While the usual rubber foot-like tip is perfect for use on asphalt or concrete, you’ll need other accessories for use over snow, mud or sand.  

If you plan to hike over areas of mud or snow your poles should include a basket accessory to place on the tip to keep you from sinking into the surfaces as you walk. Options like the Equipeak Folding Trekking Poles have strong, Carbide Tungsten tips that help you walk across sand and gravel. 


Seniors and all users of walking poles will need to ensure correct height of the sticks. Since most are adjustable to fit a multitude of users the length has to be adjusted to a size best for your height. 

A nordic walking pole that is too short or too tall for the user is less safe and can cause discomfort. You can see our height chart provided above for reference. 

Are There Any Nordic Walking Disadvantages

Like any exercise activity, the benefits far outweigh anything negative. You should however be aware of things to look out for. A couple of Nordic walking disadvantages are as listed below:

  1. They tie up your hands. Since both hands are being used as you walk you’ll need to rest one of your poles against something to take a sip of water or check your phone.
  2. Possible trip hazard. This one should be taken very seriously. Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings as you’re walking to avoid any obstacles like holes, loose rocks or tree roots. 

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Final Thoughts

Use of nordic walking sticks for seniors and the elderly can provide elevated confidence while trekking. They provide needed stability and balance across a wide range of different terrains. 

Choose from our top recommendations and you can enjoy the benefits gained from maintaining an active lifestyle.

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