Most Wanted Antiques

When it comes to collectibles, finding the hot sellers in the realm of antiques is not always easy. While vintage and antique dealers are probably more equipped to spot what’s trending, if you’re new to the world of antiques and auctions, you might be surprised to learn that your attic may be housing some valuable collectibles. 

In fact, in 2021, a rare Double Eagled US coin was auctioned for a whopping $18.9 million, setting a world record! The year also saw a sealed copy of the Super Mario 64 video game become the first video game ever to be sold for more than $1.5 million. With seemingly regular but antique objects rapidly gaining value and becoming increasingly more desirable, you might want to take a peek into your old collections. 

Here’s a list of the 10 most wanted antiques in 2022 that’ll help you learn about the trendiest vintage items. 

Our Compilation of Most Wanted Antiques 2022

1. Original Paintings

You can find a wide variety of artwork in attics and thrift stores, and some of these pieces are more precious than others. It is often art that people enjoy that has more value than paint-by-number projects. 

Horse paintings, portraits of celebrities, and beautiful landscapes can all be great options. If the painting is highly sought-after and of good quality, you’ll see it getting sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Here are some antique paintings that were sold for hundreds of millions at auctions:

  • $450.3 million for Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci
  • $300 million for Interchange by Willem de Kooning
  • $250 million for The Card Players by Paul Cezanne 

Currently, equestrian paintings, paintings by Scottish artists, and paintings by Laurence Stephen Lowry have gained a lot of traction and are almost always in demand. 

2. Stamps

What was once an old pastime can be worth a small fortune today. It is no coincidence that rare stamps are among the most favorite collectibles because of their rarity, ease of transportation, and anonymity. The high-end market for stamps is growing rapidly — the more expensive a stamp is, the more quickly it will appreciate.

The most valuable stamp ever sold was the British Guiana 1c Magenta stamp issued in 1856, which sold for $9.48 million.

Just make sure your stamp is in good condition and get it appraised by a respectable stamp dealer. 

3. Vintage Clocks

Vintage clocks are a meticulous combination of aesthetics and masterful mechanics. Whether it’s a classic German cuckoo clock or Art Deco Bakelite clock, antique clocks never go out of style.

If you want to determine the value of a vintage clock, you will need to look into the type of clock it is. You will also need to know whether it has any historical significance, the manufacturer and authenticity, as well as its rarity. 

Authentic vintage clocks in mint condition, for example, can go for thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on these factors and more. 

4. Vintage Comic Books

Most old comics that were sold for pence are today worth thousands, even millions in some cases. While it’s the Marvel and DC comics that are more popular, some British comics may also be worth a lot. 

For comic books to be worth a significant sum, they should ideally be in good condition, preferably mint. Some rare or first editions or signed copies are also worth a lot of money. 

Auctions have sold some rare comic books for more than $3 million.

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5. Ironstone Pieces

In the early 1800s, potters in Staffordshire, England, searched for a less expensive alternative to porcelain and came up with ironstone, a thick, strong, and durable stoneware. 

Today, antique ironstone pieces sell for competitive prices, especially ones that are large and in good condition. Typically, authentic ironstone has a creamy white color and may have fine crackled lines that have turned brown over time — a sought-after feature among collectors. 

6. Antique Chinese Silver

Chinese silver has stood the test of time and is valued for its high-quality craftsmanship and intricate designs. 

Chinese silversmiths created silver jewelry, flatware, teapots, trays, and vases as early as the early 1800s and were soon competing with Chinese porcelain exports to the West, eventually becoming popular Western dinnerware. 

Today, Chinese silver has become a popular collector’s item, with qualities such as its origin, hallmark, stamps, and motifs qualifying its value. 

A rare antique Chinese silver can be sold at around $400,000 to $500,000. 

7. Antique Rugs

The most precious antique Persian, Caucasian, and Indian carpets are timeless pieces of art that are always “in vogue.” They are infinitely adaptable and beautifully combine architecture, furnishing, and artwork. 

Antique rugs can vary in their quality and their popularity may change depending on evolving tastes, both of which can affect their value. Whether it’s a Persian rug or an Oriental rug, getting its value estimated based on the fabric, make, pattern, and origin is crucial. 

Typically, authentic antique rugs can go for thousands of dollars. 

8. Vintage Movie Posters

Vintage movie posters can be immensely valuable collector’s items. Originally printed to be used in movie theaters to generate marketing, movie posters were printed in limited quantities. These posters have over time become extremely valuable and considered collectible artworks. 

Posters of iconic films such as The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and Jaws will continue to appreciate in value. 

9. Pop and Rock Memorabilia

Pop and rock are an intrinsic part of our culture, surpassing the boundaries of class and socio-economic stature. It’s no surprise that there is a large audience for vintage magazines, vinyl records, musical instruments, and artist souvenirs.

For example, Kurt Cobain’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” guitar was auctioned for nearly $5 million in May 2022. A Beatles-signed copy of “With the Beatles” sold for $36,250 at an auction in 2015. Elvis Presley sunglasses were sold for $159,900 in 2018.

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10. Coins and Currencies

In 2007, we witnessed the last bull market in investment-grade coins for antique coins. However, the fragility of the monetary policy, the COVID pandemic, and the lack of certainty have caused collectors and investors to return to fundamentals. 

As a result, you’ll find high-demand items such as coins and currencies fetching record prices in the latest Heritage Auctions or Stacks and Bowers listings. 


Collectibles can be a great investment, yielding significant returns. The key is following trends, learning about what’s in demand, and knowing what to invest in. And sometimes, you may just be collecting for your passion, which can lead to major profits in the long term. 

When it comes to most wanted antiques, it is not just about the monetary investment but also the emotional appeal that makes a collectible so valuable.