Best Medicine Balls For Slamming

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Have you ever gotten to the gym only to A, find your intended machine is already taken, or B, you don’t know where to start or what equipment to grab?

Next time, pick up the most versatile tool for anyone wishing to improve their fitness lifestyle.

The medicine ball is as essential to your sweat session as tennis shoes and a water bottle. Anything you can do now, you can improve with a medicine ball for slamming!

RAGE Fitness Slam Ball, Ideal for Cross Training, Core Exercises, Plyometric and Cardio Workouts , Black, 20 lb

A Quick Glance of the Best Medicine Balls For Slamming:

  1. Garage Fit Wall Ball
  2. Yes4All Slam Ball 
  3. Amazon Basics Exercise Slam Ball 
  4. ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Ball 
  5. Dynamax 14lb Soft-Shell Medicine Ball 
  6. Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Ball 

Our Reviews of the Best Medicine Balls For Slamming

Before you add a medicine ball to your workout sessions, check out this deep dive I did on options to choose from. 

1. Garage Fit Wall Ball 

This ball is my favorite for being the best overall medicine ball for slams. It doesn’t bounce back up at you, but the material is soft enough to do more than just throws.

Putting your hand on it during elevated push-ups doesn’t hurt your palm like some of the rougher textured balls. 

The smooth surface makes this ball (Oh So Easy!) to clean after a good sweat session; wipe it down like you do your mat, one and done. 

What’s more, is the choices you have in weight. I like to use different weights for different workouts, so being able to choose within 2-pound increments makes life super easy.  


  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Super thick stitching 
  • Smooth material ensures the ball stays put upon impact
  • One year warranty
  • Soft material, but built sturdy to absorb repeat impact


  • Smooth leather material may cause slipping
  • Possible readjusting during repetitious moves

2.  Yes4All Slam Ball 

The Yes4all ball is half the price of most medicine balls and thus gets my vote for the “best bang for the buck” when making a buying decision. This ball is the one I use in the gym and have commonly seen anywhere I go for a good sweat session.   

This baby has 4 different grip styles to choose from. I also love the colors available, as I like to stand out, so I go bright as possible on everything! 

This seamless ball is probably the most common, versatile medicine ball for slamming, but it may not be the best for throwing, as it sticks its landing, filled with sand. It is great for resistance and strength training moves. 


  • Multiple colors for each weight size
  • Super grippy surface to keep hands in place
  • 1-year warranty
  • Seamless texture with no stitching to handle


  • Not meant for throwing – you may need a different ball for different exercises

3.  Amazon Basics Exercise Slam Ball 

This medicine ball pretty much falls in the middle of every category. Nothing is over the top or “extra,” which makes it, in my opinion, the best medicine ball for beginners. 

The surface is mostly smooth with a slight texture to help keep it in your hands. The ball is great for slamming, BUT it does have a little bounce, so be prepared to catch it when it comes back.

I found this out the hard way when it came back up at me during squat slams. Good thing for quick reflexes! 

The bounce makes repetitive movements easier since you don’t lose momentum and have to reposition before doing your next rep.  


  • Versatile movements with the bounce
  • Seamless sand filled
  • Texture is slight enough not to dig into palms but enough to keep in your hands


  • Sand shifts a bit more, making it harder to keep balanced
  • The surface may become slippery with sweaty hands

4.  ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Ball 

This ball is by far my favorite choice for wall throws. It has a soft shell, and a good diameter to hold in my hands easily. Even though it’s soft, it’s still the best leather medicine ball I have ever used. 

No matter what weight you choose, you are holding a 14 in diameter ball, so you don’t have to adjust your stance or hand position when you progress in strength. 

Each weight is color-coded; no more trying to find the number on the side of the ball. Want to throw heavy? Black (20 lbs). Starting light? Red (6 lbs). Anywhere in-between, you can choose green (10 lbs) or blue (14lbs).

I use this ball most to improve my agility with wall throws and moves like Russian twists, wood chops, and so on to work on my core and improve my balance. 


  • Color-coded weight sizes
  • Soft leather exterior
  • Consistent diameter size throughout weights


  • A little more off-balance than some medicine balls

5.  Dynamax 14lb Soft-Shell Medicine Ball 

The Dynamax is the one ball that started them all. The first medicine ball on the market, and the best ball Made in the USA. 

This ball was created to do with it what you will, slam it, toss it, use it for balance, agility, and strength training. Inside is a core system that keeps the ball balanced throughout your workout.

You may notice that the ball is not entirely circular either. It is more of an oval for a more neutral spinal alignment to provide more power and stability. 

The vinyl material may sound unappealing but surprisingly creates a gripping surface as your hands get sweaty. No more slips or ball drops…unless you mean to, of course!    


  • 3 color variations of the good ole red, white, and blue
  • Non-slip vinyl surface


  • Price is almost twice any other medicine ball

6. Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Ball

 If you want a vinyl, non-slip gripping surface in a lightweight for tossing, lifting, holding, and balancing, this is the best 10 lb medicine ball for you. 

Don’t dismiss the 10 lb label. This bad boy is called the Rhino Promax for a reason. Its purpose is to be used and abused and get done what you came to the gym to get done. 

Yes, you CAN get this medicine ball in sizes ranging from 6-30 lbs in 2 lb increments, but 10 lbs seems to be a good universal weight. Easy enough for beginners, good enough for pros. 

I like to stick with one weight size for a long time and just increase my reps, go lateral or unilateral with my moves before moving up. There is so much you can do without increasing weight.  


  • Easy-grip surface even with sweaty hands
  • A little more bounce than your typical med ball
  • The versatility in uses with just one ball


  • Only a 90-day warranty 
  • Not the best option for slams

Exercises and Benefits of Using a Medicine Ball

Grab a medicine ball and think of every workout you’ve ever done. Is there a move you CAN’T do with a weighted ball in your hands? 

The versatility of this piece of equipment is practically unmatched. I like to refer to it as the “Bop It” of the fitness world. You remember that toy as a kid, right? Bop it, Twist it, Pull it. Well, with a medicine ball, you can…

Amazon Basics Workout Fitness Exercise Weighted Medicine Ball - 10 Pounds, Blue/Black

Slam it on the ground and repeat, hinging at the hips with a slight knee bend, You can push, pull, bend and twist on any exercise with a medicine ball. 

Wall throws are the conventional and most popular use for these balls, but there is so much more you can do with them! 

A simple exercise like Russian twists, elevated push-ups, squats, or sit-ups is much better when you add a little resistance. 

Do you prefer strength training over cardio or HIIT sessions? Drop the dumbbells and pick up a medicine ball! You can deadlift, row, shoulder press, and curl a medicine ball! 

Benefits of a Medicine Ball Workout

  • Improves power and explosiveness for athletes
  • Strengthen muscle imbalances 
  • Core Strengthening
  • More versatile than any bar, bell, or plate
  • Primary muscles used-core, glutes, hamstrings, calves
  • Every muscle gets a serious workout 
  • Use for workouts, warm-ups, or finishers  

Buying Guide For Best Medicine Balls For Slamming

Before you run out and buy a ball, consider these few things and get one that fits your needs. 

The three most important things to consider are:

– Weight

– Size

– Texture


You need to be able to pick the ball up without straining your back muscles. Yes, lifting with your knees is a good start, but repeat motions will get the best of you quicker than you think. 

I go for a lighter weight, like the equivalent of my medium-weight dumbbells, about 10 lbs. 

The number 1 determination is: what is the ball’s purpose? What is your goal? Are you toning muscle, improving balance and agility? Are you training for an athletic event or working out at home?

Get what fits your goals, and you can always adjust from there.

Size (Small vs. Large Diameter) 

This decision is based on your usage. Explosive, fast moves meant to build power are better with a smaller diameter ball, like 9 or 10 inches. 

If you are working on balance and core work, a wider ball will do you good. Having a bigger base helps beginners with balancing. 

A 14-inch ball is pretty standard in gyms and should fit most body types for a solid stance. 

Texture (Grips, Slips, and Treads)

Texture can make or break your workout session. If the ball has a thick tire-like tread and you’re catching it repeatedly, your hands will get sore quickly. 

On the other hand, you don’t want sweaty palms on a smooth surface while trying to balance a plank hold on your toes. Slipping is not a fitness move; it’s a possible move to the doctor. 

Choose a surface with a texture most suited to your everyday use. Try a semi-textured surface like a grippy vinyl if you are just getting started. 

Slam Ball Weighted Ball Core Muscle Cardio Workout |Easy to Grip Tread & Heavy Duty Durable Rubber Shell (A--8 lbs)

Frequently Asked Questions  

A. Is it Ok to slam medicine balls? 

Absolutely! That’s precisely what most of these best medicine balls for slamming were created to do. They can be used on hard or soft surfaces. Just make sure you know how much the ball will bounce back when slammed down. Take a few test slams before going “balls to the walls.” 

B. How heavy should a medicine ball be for slams? 

The heavier the ball, the best it is for slamming. It will help build endurance and strength over a lighter ball and bounce less. A 14 lb ball has less momentum than an 8 lb ball, but keep in mind your comfort zone. Also, women tend to need a lighter ball than men do. Sorry ladies, we just lack that dang testosterone.  

C. Is a slam ball the same as a medicine ball?

While all slam balls are medicine balls, not all medicine balls are slam balls. Sure, you CAN slam all medicine balls, but some are not designed for such repeat treatment. Slam balls are identified by their rugged, thick shells and stitching. They also kind of “splat” on the ground because they don’t bounce.  


The best medicine ball for slamming is the one that fits your needs and goals. Get a size, weight, and texture that fits your hands comfortably when slamming, tossing, and holding for the length of your sweat sesh. There isn’t anything you do now that you can’t easily add a medicine ball to. Make a list of what you want in a slam ball and start shopping!