Do Resistance Bands Build Muscle Or Tone?

Resistance training should be an important part of your activity plan. With the right activities, you can keep your fat count low and maintain a healthy amount of lean muscle mass. The ACSM recommends resistance training on at least three days every week – and each session should be longer than 35 minutes.

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If you are only getting started, you may not be sure what type of resistance training would be best. Resistance training is also referred to as strength training. The purpose is to help you gain more muscle mass – and tone your muscles at the same time. Resistance bands have become a popularly used option for strength training. We take a look at can you build muscle with resistance bands.

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What Are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are definitely not something new on the market. These bands have existed for quite some time. They offer you a portable opportunity to exercise regardless of where you are – that could be at home, or even at a hotel while you are traveling.

A resistance band is a relatively basic device. It is essentially an elastic band. The band is used for a large variety of exercises. The great thing about the resistance band is the versatility in terms of the resistance provided.

You can set the difficulty of the resistance training workout that you perform. These generally include light resistance, medium, heavy, and some bands also offer extra heavy resistance.

How Do Resistance Bands Work?

The band uses your own body weight when adding resistance to your workout protocol. There are different types of activities that you can perform. This includes curls, pulling, and pushing – once the band has been set in place.

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The band helps to add resistance to the activities that you perform. In turn, you have the ability to gain several benefits with your workout session.

Resistance Bands: Tone Or Build?

Resistance training is an activity that helps you build strength and muscle mass. It should form part of your exercise program, along with some cardio. There are a variety of resistance training programs that you can choose from – with weight lifting being one of the more common options.

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Resistance bands offer you a travel-friendly exercise device that you can use anywhere. One of the most common questions that people ask is whether resistance bands are good for building muscle mass or just to tone your existing muscles.

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The answer depends on a few factors. Resistance bands can both grow your current lean muscle mass and help to tone the existing lean mass you have accumulated.

The first thing to consider is how fit you are and how long you have been doing resistance training.

If you are new to strength training exercises, then a resistance band may hold more benefits for your body. Your strength will still be on the lower side. The use of a resistance band will help you build that initial strength that you need to participate in more intense activities.

How Long Can Resistance Bands Provide An Effective Muscle Tone Building Workout?

During the first few weeks, when using a resistance band, you are likely to find that your muscle mass increases a little. You will also start to feel stronger. The resistance provided by the band will eventually become inadequate – and you’ll have to kick up the resistance to the next notch.

There is a point where a resistance band will no longer be beneficial for building muscle mass. This accounts for a scenario where you reach the strength that no longer experiences resistance from the band.

Man with toned muscles performing workout on a bar

Should I Stop Using Resistance Bands Once I Get Peak Muscle Growth?

Once you reach this point, muscle growth will be minimal when you use a resistance band. This does not mean the resistance band is useless. You can continue to perform activities with the elastic band even when you no longer experience an increase in strength and lean mass. It will help you maintain the lean muscle mass that you built while using the resistance band for training purposes.

At this point, you will also find that a resistance band becomes an excellent tool to help you tone your muscles. This is a great way to customize your physique and gain that perfect look that you are aiming toward.

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Even though the resistance band may no longer help you increase your muscle mass at some point, it still ensures you get adequate amounts of strength and maintain your current lean mass when you are not close to a facility with other exercise equipment.

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Benefits Of Choosing Resistance Bands

The main benefit that comes with a resistance band would be the portability of these items. The elastic band is small when you fold it up. This means it will easily fit into your suitcase when you are traveling.

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You also do not need to go to the gym when you decide to use a resistance band. Instead, you can use this exercise device anywhere and at any time. You can even get some resistance training in during a lunch break – as you only need a few minutes to perform a session.

Another great thing about resistance bands is the variety of exercises that you can perform with these tools. You can work on a large number of muscle groups by using just a single resistance band.

These bands are also good for targeting some of the smaller muscle groups in your body – something that many other resistance training activities are not able to offer you.

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There is also no need to learn about new exercises if you already have a workout program. Resistance bands can be added to many of the exercises that you are doing at the moment. They will simply add some resistance to the activity, which helps to boost your benefits.

Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscle

Resistance bands with handles are perfectly made to help you build more muscle. The best will have sturdy grips that allow you to perform the same types of exercises that are performed with free weights or machines.

Many workout pros have been using them for years to supplement free weights. The Resistance Band Set by Whatafit in a great option that includes handles, a door anchor and ankle straps.


Can you double up resistance bands?

In order to up the intensity of your workout you can certainly double up resistance bands. By using two bands you are of course adding more resistance, therefore, your muscles are working even harder.

Do resistance bands break easily?

Good quality bands should not break easily if used properly. Proper use includes using the correct band for your strength level. Some will overstretch a band that is below their strength level in order to get more resistance. This can break the band as you should instead opt for a band at a higher resistance level.

What strength resistance band should I get?

The resistance band strength will be determined by your level of physical fitness and by the results that you are hoping to achieve. Lower resistance bands are good for stretching and rehabilitation. 

You will want to use higher strength resistance bands for building muscle and strength. The great thing is that many sets of resistance bands come with a variety of strengths. Therefore, you have the ability to switch up bands depending on your target use and fitness level.


Strength training needs to be part of your daily routine, but if you have a busy schedule and do not enjoy doing push-ups in the living room, you should consider alternatives. Resistance bands are great when starting out with a strength training program.

These bands are helpful for building some initial muscle mass and strength. As strength increases, resistance bands become useful for toning muscles in the longer term.