Benefits Of Sleeping With Crystals Under Your Pillow

Sleeping disorders like insomnia have become rampant recently. People are looking for ways to help them get quality sleep. One of the ways that can help you get sleep is to use natural treatments like sleeping with crystals under your pillow.

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Crystals are like natural herbs that are used to treat different disorders. Looking and holding the crystals provides a stimulation giving one a sense of well being. This article will enlighten you about the usefulness of having crystals in your bedroom.

Chart of Crystals to Sleep With Under Your Pillow

"Sleeping with amethyst under your pillow"
Relief of stress and anxiety
Rose Quartz
"Rose Quartz under pillow"
Creates sense of love, peace and harmony
Boosts self-esteem and confidence
Black TourmalineAbsorbs negative energy
Smoky QuartzEmits positive energies and eliminates nightmares

How Sleeping With Crystals Under Your Pillow Can Help Achieve Quality Sleep

Issues Crystals Can Help You With

  1. Calming the heart
  2. Helps you get rid of stress and anxiety
  3. Achieve quality sleep
  4. Stabilize your emotions
  5. Improves romance thereby improving your relationship

People are moving away from the use of medicine to treat sleep disorders and adopting natural remedies that do not have side effects. Crystals have been in use for years for cleansing, restoring the body and enhancing mental, physical, spiritual and emotional stability.

However, not all crystals can treat sleep disorders. It is imperative to know some of the best crystals that can help you get quality sleep.

Different Ways of Using Crystals for Sleep

Crystals can be placed in various places to have optimum effect for sleep. The best way is to place them where you feel comfortable.

For instance, you can place them near your bed. If you think they are disturbing your sleep, then you can place them away from your bed.

You can either put them by your bedside, under your pillow or bed. It is also essential to regularly cleanse your crystals. Otherwise, they will absorb a lot of energy and distract your sleep.

Some people may find it difficult sleeping with crystals beneath your pillow because some have too much energy. In such a case, you can place them on a bedside cabinet.  

Best Crystals to Sleep With

Crystals are of different shapes and have varying effects. Since there are many crystals in the market, it can be overwhelming to select one that can address your problems.

Once you have identified the cause of your sleep disorder, then it is easy to choose the best crystal. The following are the best crystals to sleep with in your bedroom.

Amethyst – “Sleeping with amethyst”

This is an all-purpose stone that helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Sleeping with amethyst does not only help in reducing stress, but it also gets rid of the symptoms that accompany stress and anxiety.

It is vital in relieving headaches and eliminating pains in bones and joints. It can regenerate cells in the body, thereby ensuring improvement in your skin.

Fortunately, this crystal can be placed in different areas; under your pillow or bed to help you with your sleeping disorders. It gets rid of negative thoughts and helps you get quality sleep.

People with insomnia, nightmares and other sleep problems are recommended to use it. Also, if you feel confused, it will help you get clarity in your mind leaving you feeling relaxed when you wake up.


Rose Quartz – “Rose quartz under pillow”

The rose quartz crystal is also known as “the loving stone.” When you are sleeping with rose quartz under your pillow it brings a calm, soothing sensation creating a sense of love, peace, and harmony.

When you use it in your bedroom, you get a sense of tranquility, thereby feeling in love. Using it is an excellent way to improving your relationship and helps you become more romantic. As if that is not enough, it also enables you to get quality sleep and have sweet dreams.

You can hold the stone for a while before you sleep as you meditate through your life and problems. In the end, you will end up feeling relaxed and relived. If you are heartbroken, you can use the stone to get soothing emotions to help you heal.



Hematite is an essential crystal, especially when you want to achieve harmony and a soothing sensation for a better relationship. It is an excellent crystal, especially for people dealing with self-esteem.

It helps you boost your self-esteem and amplify your self-confidence. When you have low self-esteem, it affects communication in your relationship.


To get results, you can place Hematite below your pillow and the energy from the stone will have an impact on you and your lover. Besides, it also prevents negative energies from getting into your aura.


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a crystal stone that can absorb negative energy leaving you with positive energy. It is powerful in relieving anxiety by cleansing any negative energy.

When you use it, it helps you get sleep quickly. For people who sleep with their phones in their bedrooms, it helps them to eliminate electromagnetic frequencies emitted by electronic devices.

Interestingly, it can help you achieve your goals. All you need to do is to write down your goals and then place them under a Black Tourmaline. The crystals will provide you with the positive energy necessary to achieve those goals.


Smoky Quartz – “Sleeping with smoky quartz”

Sleeping with Smoky Quartz is very critical when you want to get rid of nightmares. This is a protective stone that prevents one from negative energies.

To enjoy its maximum effect, place this crystal under your pillow before sleeping. Alternatively, you can wear it as a pendant to get rid of stress. This way, it emits vibrations that keep nightmares away.

It emits high positive energies, which are essential in getting sweet dreams, thereby eliminating nightmares. Make sure to hold it while you meditate before going to sleep. It is mainly used to relieve stress and blocks negative energies that prevent you from getting quality sleep.  

Infographic of 5 Best Crystals to Help You Sleep


Q. How do I charge my crystals?

A. The best way to charge crystals is on the night of a full moon as it is the most powerful lunar phase. If your crystals are water-safe wash them one day prior to the full moon.

After sunset, on the day of the full moon place your clean, dry crystals onto the earth outside or any other natural surface. If there are any negative feelings that you want to be released from state them out loud as the crystals are placed down. 

The next morning, let the crystals charge for about an hour in the sunlight prior to bringing them in. You may now speak new intentions into your charged crystal.


Q. Where should rose quartz be placed in the bedroom?

A. Rose quartz should be placed in the south-west direction of the bedroom as this particular direction represents love and romance.


Q. Can you wear crystals everyday?

A. You can wear crystals everyday, however, if you do be sure to clean them at least once a week. This is to get rid of any negative energy you may have encountered from other people or the environment during wear.



To sum it up, crystals are used for various reasons and purposes. Once you have identified the source of your sleep issues you can choose the crystal that suits you. You can then begin the journey of sleeping with crystals under your pillow to have a more peaceful slumber.

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