How To Manscape Downstairs With A Razor Or Trimmer

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The mid-nineties ushered in a culture of men who were meticulous about their appearance and grooming practices. The politically incorrect terminology used to describe these guys was “metrosexual”. We have moved on from the guys with the razor sharp goatees and frosted hair tips to lush beards, man buns, styled afros and locs. 

Men these days also want to keep their body hair nicely trimmed (aka manscaped). It’s not a good look having a mass of hair spilling from your underarms while wearing a tank top. Underarm hair is an easy area to tackle as well as chest hair, but what about below the belt? Relax, because this article details how to manscape downstairs the correct way.

1. Begin By Trimming

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Let’s face it. If you’re reading this, it is probably your first time manscaping below the belt. This means that you’re likely quite bushy down there.  So, you don’t want to start hacking away at it with a razor quite yet.

You want to get started with a body trimmer with powerful blades such as the Lawn Mower 3.0 by Manscaped or the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000. These quality body shavers are also waterproof and will trim the hair to a manageable state without pulling or having to make multiple passes. 

It’s preferable to handle this outside of the shower to avoid the accumulation of hair in your shower drain. You can just sweep or vacuum the hair from your floor afterwards. If you don’t mind the hair going into your drain or maybe have a drain cover of some sort, then it is fine to handle the job in the shower.

While you’re at it, don’t neglect your inner thigh area. Trim that area as well or else you’ll look like someone with a haircut without a lining.

2. Clean With Warm Water

At this point you may be satisfied with your below the belt shave look, however, you still need to shower to wash away some of those loose hairs. You will also want to make sure that area is clean to get rid of any bacteria should you decide to go in for a closer shave of your pelvic area and balls.

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You can use your regular body wash, however, a good soap with antibacterial properties is even better. The Truremedy company makes a great All Natural Remedy Soap with tea tree and peppermint oils.

3. On To The Shaving Gel

Don’t even think about using your thick, white foamy shaving cream. It is best to use a somewhat clear shaving gel so you can see where you’re working as you manscape downstairs. 

How to manscape downstairs with a razor?

4. Go For A Quality Razor

A heavy double edge safety razor is your best bet here. The heaviness of the razor head allows it to do the work for you by gliding itself across the area without needing additional pressure. You want to pull the skin taut while you make light handed controlled strokes over the area to be shaved. 

If you are shaving your balls be sure to pull them tight so they are smooth and continue to use short, gentle strokes with the razor. If just thinking of putting a razor to your balls gives you the sweats, then go ahead and use a body groomer. Just go about it the same way you would with the razor by pulling your scrotum tight as you move along.

5. Hit Up The Aftershave

Look at’re almost done! Give the area another good wash to get rid of the shaving gel and loose hair and apply a soothing aftershave balm. 

You want something that is moisturizing and alcohol-free like the Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel. Afterall, you don’t want to have to suffer with post-shave stinging after all your hard work.

6. Keep It Going

For God’s sake man..don’t stop now that you’ve come so far! Now that you’ve hacked away most of the forest use your body groomer or razor routinely to keep things nice and neat. 

Some guys experience more wetness and chafing after shaving. This is nothing new. You’re hair down there was just absorbing the wetness so it was likely less noticeable. Consider purchasing quick-drying lotion that dries to a powder to keep down below moisture-free. 

The Fresh Body FB company makes a great anti-chafing lotion called Fresh Balls that’s excellent. Yes, the name leaves nothing to the imagination but the stuff seriously works!


Q. Why Should I Manscape

The choice to manscape is a personal one. If you are looking for a way to feel fresher below the belt then manscaping downstairs might be for you. Manscaping also gives you a trim and neat look. 

Besides, shaving your pubes can also make your private appear to be larger. Think about it. If your pubic hair is at least an inch long, then shaving it will reveal an inch more of your junk.

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Q. What Is The Best Tool For Manscaping?

The best tool for manscaping is going to be a good body grooming trimmer. Even if you don’t go as far as shaving everything off with a razor, a trimmer is an easy, non-intimidating tool to get you started.

Q. Should You Shave Your Balls With An Electric Razor?

You can shave your balls with an electric razor but be sure it is a trimmer made especially for body grooming. You certainly don’t want to take a hair clipper like your barber would use to your ball sack. Just be sure to pull them tight so they are smooth as you shave and you’ll be fine.

Our Final Thoughts On How To Manscape Downstairs

So now you know how simple it is when you know how to manscape downstairs correctly. The great thing is that these steps are very similar to traditional facial hair shaving. You just have to go for it prepared and knowing that you won’t cut anything off that you don’t want gone. 

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