How To Increase Physical Intimacy In A Relationship

Many relationships begin in what is called the “Honeymoon Phase”. Everything, including physical intimacy, happens fairly easily. As time passes, the stresses of life tend to interfere with what was once a satisfying level of intimacy.

Maintaining physical intimacy in a relationship takes effort, unlike what you see in movies. It is not just dashing to bed and having a good time. It requires mental, psychological and physical stability. There are many tips on how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship.

For starters, you need energy and the desire to have great intimacy with your partner. Physical bonding for couples is a critical factor for a successful and healthy relationship. There is a correlation between sexual satisfaction and a successful relationship.

Why Is Physical Intimacy Important

Physical intimacy increases attachment among couples and makes them feel loved and appreciated. It helps to get rid of insecurities and creates a psychological and emotional attachment between them. 

Every partner has to play his or her role for successful physical intimacy by keeping the spark alive. Otherwise, the affection will start dwindling and finally, the relationship may suffer. 

You need to have new experiences and be romantic both in and out of bed.  You should also be willing to switch up your routine for excitement and to avoid the norm. Now I know you must be wondering just how do you begin to reclaim physical intimacy once it is lost.

Tips On How To Increase Physical Intimacy In A Relationship

Having great physical intimacy goes through a series of in and outside of bedroom experiences. It involves intimacy igniting conversations and having an emotional attachment with your partner. 

Consider these measures to help if you are wondering how to increase physical intimacy in your relationship.

1. Have Sensational Conversations

This is the first step to getting attached to your partner. You need to have honest talks about anything that revolves around your relationship.

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A conversation helps to clear up misunderstandings and verbalize your feelings toward one another. Differences among couples are normal but finding an excellent way to talk about them and agree on solutions is a road to intimacy. 

Without a conversation, a partner feels lonely and disconnected. Through talking, you express your affection towards your lover and get to know his or her needs. 

During discussions, each partner needs to keep an open ear to the partner’s issues. You need to address any issue within your relationship. 

For instance, there could be that one partner who wants affection more than the other. The best solution is to talk about it and prioritize each other’s interests.

2. Setting the Mood with Foreplay

Foreplay helps partners get ready for a great sexual experience. Imagine having sex while not in the mood. It would be very boring and displeasing. 

It is essential to have some erotic time through cuddling, massaging, and flirting. Getting to know your partner is also necessary since everyone’s style is different. 

The best way to go about foreplay is to create a habit. Sending flirty text messages throughout the day is a great idea. Also, be sure to have at least fifteen minutes of tenderness before intimacy. 

Get to touch your partner and get to know the most sensitive parts of their body.  Physical intimacy can be filled with anxiety if you are not used to one another. 

3. Be Romantic

When people hear about romance, what comes into their mind is kissing, caressing, hugging and so on. That is close to the truth but not the absolute. Romance is more than that. It is feeling comfortable with your partner regardless of where the two of you are. You can have physical intimacy by taking walks together, going out for coffee or to the movies. You can also hold hands and give each other unexpected pecks on the streets.

4. Massages Can Be Great To Increase Physical Intimacy

Massages can be a great way to connect with your partner. Most people return home from work and the only thing you can think of is what chores need to be done or even taking a nap. 

If your partner surprises you with a nice bath, followed by a massage with an intoxicating massage oil it is a wonderful surprise. Massages also help you connect with your partner and provide them with a relaxing experience. Nice, thoughtful surprises will go a long way to having a stronger relationship and great physical intimacy.

5. Do Something New

Doing something out of the norm is an excellent way to surprise your partner. For instance, you can help him or her in daily chores unexpectedly. 

This is a great way to spice up the relationship, not only when you are in the doghouse but even when you are on good terms. It shows that you are concerned about them and it brings you two together as you help one another. Surprises show that you think about your partner even when you are far from each other

You also learn your partner’s strengths and weaknesses; what he or she can do best and how to appreciate them. You can do something together that your partner has always wanted to do like taking a cooking or yoga class. You’ll never know what new endeavor can lead to a new bonding activity that you can both continue to enjoy together.

6. Having Sex

Sex is what most people think of when they hear the words “physical intimacy”. This is rightfully so as sex is the pinnacle of intimacy. It is a great way to connect with your partner and relax from your daily activities. 

Sex should only happen when both partners are mutually in the mood and are relaxed. Intimacy during sex is increased when you know what satisfies your partner and vice versa.

This is where communication and comfort with one another comes in. If the two of you have poor communication skills and are not willing to listen to each other in everyday conversations, this will follow you into the bedroom as well.   


These are some of the best tips if you are wondering how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship. You can feel free to add on to these if you like but these are the basics. The important thing is to have open and honest communication as well as respect for one another. If you have that and follow these tips, then everything else should fall into place.