How To Create A Meditation Space In Your Bedroom

The practice of meditation has existed since the 19th century and is useful for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. As meditation requires focus, attentiveness and mental clarity, you typically want to have a dedicated space. If you have hindrances that do not allow you to create a meditation space in a separate part of the home you might wonder how to create a meditation space in your bedroom.

Why You Need A Meditation Space

We are accustomed to compartmentalizing many parts of our lives. Rooms of our homes each serve their own specific purposes. So, when we are in those rooms we do what typically occurs in that space.

We have our kitchen for cooking and our bathrooms for bathing. We usually relax and watch television in our living rooms. 

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Basically, we as humans are creatures of habit. We can just as easily and comfortably have a gym workout in our pajamas. But actually putting on gym attire signifies to your brain that you are prepared to workout.

You need a separate meditation space that will serve to alert your mind that you are ready to enter into a calm state. 

Goals For Creating A Meditation Space In Your Bedroom

You may need to know how to create a meditation space in your bedroom if you have roommates or live in a small home that just will not accommodate a separate space to meditate. The good news is that you can create a great place to meditate in your bedroom. Here are a few goals to achieve that space:

1. Maintain A Clean Bedroom

Let’s face it. Many of us are so busy with work and family that our bedroom becomes the most cluttered area of the house.  One study showed that women with cluttered homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than their more organized counterparts. 

2. Keep Your Selected Meditation Space Sacred

Just because your meditation space is in your bedroom that may be shared with your significant other does not mean it is fair game. If you have a small nightstand, desk or chair in your space it should not be used by anyone to place their keys, cell phone charger, loose change or other random objects.

3. Make Sure The Space Is Comfortable

There is nothing more distracting than being uncomfortable. Imagine falling into a deep state of mindfulness only to be roused by a barking dog outside of your window. Try to choose a space that is on the opposite side of the room from any noise distractions. 

You also want to make sure that you are in a space that allows you to sit comfortably without any physical pain for at least 10-15 minutes. If sitting on the bare floor is comfortable for you that is fine. But if you need a pillow to sit on or rest your back be sure to use it.

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Items You May Need In Your Bedroom Meditation Space

The great thing about meditation is that it is not mandatory you have any special equipment to practice it. You won’t need a yoga mat, weights or other participants to get started. However, you may want items to personalize and elevate the meditation space you are creating in your bedroom.

  • Lighting decorations

You want to create the right environment for meditation. A completely dark room may not be ideal so consider adding lighting such as candles, tea lights or string lights.

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  • Comfort pieces

Pillows and cushions may give you the physical comfort needed in order to meditate comfortably. A favorite blanket or scarf can also serve as a symbol of comfort.

  • Aromatics

Incense, essential oils, and scented candles were always used in our home. My mother usually lit scented candles or incense after our house was cleaned. This symbolized a new beginning and a restoration of peace to the home. 

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  • Elements of nature

Incorporating an element of nature reminds us that we are one with the universe. A fresh flower or a small water feature added to your bedroom meditation space can make a huge difference.

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Our Final Thoughts On How To Create A Meditation Space In Your Bedroom

I used these goals and practices before I was able to have a dedicated space in my home for meditation. The great thing is that these practices are easily applicable to many meditation spaces – whether big or small! 

Please remember to frequently take time out to center yourselves. Know that not only is each day a new opportunity but the end of the day is also the beginning of that transition. Having a meditation space in your bedroom to use at the end of the day will serve as a great retreat to settle your mind.

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