Best Maternity Bra For Large Bust

Those of us with larger cup sizes already know how difficult bra shopping can be. We know there’s no picking up a cute bra out of T.J. Maxx or Ross for us. When I was pregnant, the nightmare of shopping for a good bra became even worse. I needed to find the best maternity bra for a large bust quick, fast and in a hurry!

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Throughout my high school years I was considered “flat-chested”. I dreaded changing clothes in gym class because all of the other girls breasts were more developed than I was.

After high school, I flew through cup sizes faster than Usain Bolt on the track! I had finally settled in at a D cup. However once I became pregnant it became abundantly clear that the girls needed a better bra for maternity.

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Women's Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and Maternity Bra, Black, Large - Full Cup

Comparison Table of the Best Maternity Bra For Women With Larger Busts

CategoryBrandWhat We Liked
Best Overall
Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bra
Seamless, Sizes range from B through G cup
Best Wirefree
Anita Soft Cup Microfiber Nursing Bra
20% spandex provides stretch, Wide straps
Best For Work
Bravado! Designs Original Nursing Bra
Removable foam inserts, 4-way stretch fabric
Best To Sleep In
Kindred Bravely Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra
Ultra soft and stretchable, No hooks or snaps
Best Cotton Bra
Curve Muse Nursing Wirefree Bra
Wire-free and seamless, Straps are widely set apart for maximum support

Maternity Bra vs Nursing Bra

In searching for the best bra for fuller breasts during your pregnancy you will likely keep coming across two types of bras. But what are the differences between a maternity bra vs a nursing bra?

Maternity Bra

A maternity bra is designed with specific features that accommodate changes in breast size and sensitivity during pregnancy. A “regular” bra can certainly meet the standards of a maternity bra such as having adjustable straps, being stretchy and having good support.

Nursing Bra

A nursing bra will have many of the same features of a maternity bra except for one difference. A nursing bra will have a hook or clasp that allows the bra cup to drop down to expose the breast for nursing your baby.

So, Which Bra is Recommended? Maternity or Nursing Bra?

All of the maternity bras for larger busts we have included in our review are actually nursing bras. After all, with a new baby comes more expenses.

Spasilk Essential Newborn Baby Layette Set, Grey Celestial, 0-6 Months

Over 80% of babies born start out breastfeeding. So, it makes since to purchase a good quality nursing bra that can support your needs during pregnancy and postpartum. You can wear it as your maternity bra prenatally but will have the nursing feature available to use once your baby is born.

What To Look For In A Maternity Bra

In choosing a good maternity bra for large busts, you want many of the same components you look for in your regular bra. You may not care if your maternity bra looks sexy for yourself or your mate.

And you certainly won’t care if your maternity bra comes with matching panties. However, you will want some of the below features to make sure you are comfortable.

  • Supportive shoulder straps – Shoulder straps should be soft and padded. You will also want wider shoulder straps to allow even distribution of the weight of your breasts.
  • Comfortable wide band – Those of us with larger breasts have not worn bras with less than 2+ hooks since puberty. In order to provide you with maximum with support, a comfortable maternity bra should have at least 4 hooks.

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Women's Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and Maternity Bra, Black, Large - Full Cup

  • Cups providing coverage – You will want the bra cup to provide full coverage of your breast. Demi cup bras are cute. But once your breasts are swollen with milk postpartum you will want a bra with full cups to keep the girls from spilling out the top of your bra.
  • Nursing option – Once your baby is born you will want a maternity bra with cups that you can easily open to nurse. You want to be able to access and close the cup with one hand since you will almost never have two free hands.

Our Picks For Best Maternity Bra For Large Bust

To ensure that you choose the best bra, we have compiled detailed research of some of the best maternity and nursing bras for women with large breasts.

Best Overall Maternity BraMotherhood Maternity Full Busted Nursing Bra

This seamless full busted bra by Motherhood Maternity goes up to size 3x and cup sizes B through G. It is made of soft fabric and will give you the full coverage and all day support.

The adjustable strap has a clip down feature to allow for nursing. This maternity bra is great because it is machine washable.

Best Wirefree Maternity BraAnita Soft Cup Microfiber Nursing Bra

The Anita Microfiber Bra is 20% spandex so you will definitely have the stretch needed for breast size fluctuations. The straps are wide enough to stay firmly secured.

The material of the bra is thin so that it provides comfort for sensitive breasts. The downside is that nursing pads can be seen through the thin material, so you may not want to wear this bra outside of your home.

Best Maternity Bra For WorkBRAVADO! DESIGNS Original Nursing Bra

This maternity bra by Bravado Designs is a Mom’s Choice Award Winner. The 4-way stretch fabric ensures a comfortable fit throughout your pregnancy and while nursing.

The snap to fold down the cup for nursing is easily accessible using one hand. The removable foam inserts in the cup allow for discretion when you are wearing nursing pads.

Best Maternity Bra To Sleep InKindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra for Maternity/Breastfeeding (Medium, Black)

The Kindred Bravely Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra is your ideal bra for sleep but is so comfortable you will want to wear it all day. Rather than having fold down cups for nursing access, you can easily pull-aside the bra to nurse.

It is ultra soft for comfort and has no hooks or snaps to bother with. It is easily stretchable to just pull on and go. This is a great maternity bra for women who are large busted but small underbusted. With the wide array of sizes up to XX-Large-Busty you will find your perfect fit.

Best Cotton Maternity BraCurve Muse Nursing Wirefree Bra

The Curve Muse Cotton Nursing Bra is 93% cotton and 7% spandex to give you the softness and flexibility needed in a maternity bra. It is embellished with a lace trim to give you a boost of confidence when you may not feel the most sexy.

This bra is seamless and wire-free to ensure comfort. The one hand release clasp feature allows you to easily breastfeed. The adjustable straps are set wide apart to give you maximum lift and support.

Our Final Thoughts

We are glad to have helped you learn about the best maternity bra for a large bust. Also, we hope you found a bra that will meet your needs among those we detailed in the article. Please, ensure to pay attention to the individual sizing charts to make sure you make the correct selection.

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