Best Kids Cruiser Bike

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Cruiser bikes have become increasingly popular in areas outside of the beach. Many adults own a cruiser bike but what about a bike for your child to cruise around and have fun? As an amazing parent, you sure want to make your kid happy. Purchasing the best kids cruiser bike for your kid will help a great deal in keeping them healthy and happy. 

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In this article, we will discuss the benefits of cruiser bikes and dissect the best options on the market.

Types of Kids Cruiser Bikes

There are two main types of kids cruiser bikes and we will discuss them below:

1. Classic/beach cruiser

This type of bike is a single-speed machine that combines balloon tires, upright seating posture, steel construction, sweeping handlebars with expressive styling. This bike is best known for its casual and simple style.

2. Chopper style cruiser

On the other hand, this type of bike is typically low to the ground, with extended forks that create a long frontend. It is a very popular stretch bike in the market. It delivers a distinct look while offering an amazing riding experience.

Benefits of Purchasing a Kids Cruiser Bike

Your child has a lot to gain from a kid’s beach cruiser bike. We will explain the most important benefits below:

1. Exercise

Exercise is meant to improve physical and mental fitness. A bike can provide exercise for your kids without them even noticing. This exercise will surely keep them fit, improve their mental health, and also sharpen their thinking & judgment skills.

2. Have A Bike Like Mom & Dad’s

A bike also gives a sense of belonging to kids. They want to ride a bike that is just  like dad and mom’s. They want to have their own version to cruise around the home or street. These wants are quite understandable as they deliver fun and make them feel united with you.

3. Comfortable

A cruiser bike can be more comfortable than normal bikes. For instance, a cruiser seat is large and specifically built to deliver comfort. The frames and tires are also a little bigger. This gives a smoother ride, especially when going over bumps.

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Features to Consider in Choosing a Kids Cruiser Bike

The average kid’s beach cruiser bike is equipped with several features. Below, we will discuss the vital features to consider when you’re about to choose an option for your kid:

1. Braking system

While your kid needs all the fun, excitement, and exercise, their safety is very important. For a learner or amateur, the brake must be easy to understand and use.

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 20-Inch Wheels, Teal

To ensure your kid has a safe ride, you should buy a bike with an effective and easy brake. An option with two braking systems is even better.

2. Height adjustment

The size of a bike is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing a bike as they decide the right fit for the user. Without the right size for your kid’s height, the bike will be uncomfortable or unsafe. 

Be sure to choose an option that can be adjusted to suit your kid’s height. Also, choosing the right size for their height should be a priority.

3. Training wheels

JOYSTAR 16" Kids Cruiser Bike with Training Wheels for Ages 2-6 Years Old Girls & Boys, Toddler Kids Bicycle

Training wheels are additional wheels attached parallel to a bike’s rear wheel. They help in assisting kids to learn how to ride until they develop a sense of balance on the bike. You should buy a bike with training wheels, if it’s a first for your child, to aid their learning.

Review of The Best Kids Cruiser Bicycles

We have gone on to research and examine the best kids cruiser bikes available on the market for your child. Below, we will review them and highlight their best features:

1. JOYSTAR 12″ 14″ 16″ Kids Cruiser Bike with Training Wheels

Key features

· Rubber air tire

· Elegant steel frame

· Coaster brake

· Training wheels

If you’re looking for a fun, very comfortable, and durable option for your kid’s first bike experience, then you should strongly consider this product. This bike is perfect for both girls and boys aged 2-6 years old. Its frame is designed with Strong Hi-Ten steel which provides amazing impact resistance.

For your little one’s safety, it is equipped with a coaster brake that easily provides impressive stopping power. The front & rear wheels are enclosed in rubber air tires. Therefore, the tires provide stability and outstanding grip in any weather condition.

Meanwhile, this manufacturer offers different sizes, providing you more options. The 12-inch bike is great for 2 – 4 years old (height 33″ – 51″) kids. 14-inch is ideal for 3 – 5 years old (height 36″ – 47″) kids. Also, a 16-inch bike is perfect for 4 – 7 years old (height 41″ – 53″) kids.


i. Easy to assemble

ii. Excellent brake

iii. Sturdy


i. Assembly instructions are a bit difficult to understand

2. Firmstrong Urban Girl Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Key features

· Oversized seat (dual springs inclusive)

· Front & rear fenders

· Training wheels

· Coaster brake

· Wide tires

Built for effortless riding and smooth simplicity, this cruiser bike by Firmstrong is a blend of functionality and style. It is built to deliver the ultimate riding experience.

It comes with 20-inch wheels and front & rear fenders, thus protecting your child from mud or water on the street. These wheels feature 2.125-inch white-wall balloon tires. They roll easily and smoothly while cushioning the bumps as your kid rides over them.

Also, the coaster brake works by pedaling backward, providing a safe and easy way to learn how to ride. The 13-inch steel frame is quite durable and is complemented by a curvy, classic cruiser design. The frame is sized for kids from 3 ft, 2 inches to 4 ft, 4 inches tall. It can accommodate the maximum weight of 150 pounds.


i. Durable

ii. Excellent tires

iii. Comfortable seat


i. Heavy

3. RoyalBaby Girl’s Bike Little Swan 14 16 18 Inch Kids Bike with Training Wheels

RoyalBaby Girl's Bike Little Swan 14 Inch Kids Bike with Training Wheels Basket Girls Child's Bicycle Pink

Key features

· Training wheels/Kickstand

· Non-slip pedals

· Seat

· Pneumatic tires

· Front caliper brake

· Rear coaster brake

This beautiful, elegant, and stylish, yet functional pink bike is perfectly made for kids that lover the color pink. For your kid’s absolute safety, this bike is equipped with child-oriented brake levers perfect for small hands. 

Also, it is equipped with above-average width tires. Hence, you’re assured of stable riding and comfort. Additionally, there are rear coaster brake and front caliper brake to offer double safety.

To further aid comfort and safety, this bike comes with wide pneumatic tires. Therefore, the bike is very stable. The sturdy frame is designed with steel and has a non-slip resin pedal.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer offers three size options which include 14, 16 and 18 inches. The seat size and handlebars are all adjustable.


i. Great brakes

ii. Easy to assemble

iii. Stable pneumatic tires


i. Difficult assembly

4. Schwinn Sting-Ray Cruiser Bike, 20-Inch Wheels

Key features

· Retro steel frame & fork

· Single-speed drivetrain

· Coaster brakes

· High-rise handlebars

· Banana seat

This Sting-Ray cruiser bike features a 13-inch retro steel frame as well as a rigid fork, offering that vintage feel and look that turns up the style. It comes with a single-speed drivetrain which is quite simple to maintain and also use. 

Also, there’s an intuitive rear coaster brake in place. Hence, there’s efficient stopping power. This bike has a classic banana seat and high-rise ape handlebars, delivering absolute comfort to your kid.

Meanwhile, this bike is equipped with 20-inch steel wheels as well as 20-inch tires. The front tire size is 20″ x 1.95″ while the rear tire size is 20″ x 2.125”. These wheels are suitable for riders with the age of 6 years and above, or 4 ft to 5 ft tall.


i. Efficient brake

ii. Comfortable handlebars

iii. Limited lifetime warranty


i. Expensive

5. Schwinn Fair Lady Cruiser Bike, 20-Inch Wheels

Schwinn Fair Lady Cruiser Bike, 20-Inch Wheels, Pink

Key features

· Retro steel frame & fork

· Coaster brakes

· Single-speed drivetrain

· High-rise handlebars

· Banana seat

This girl variant of Schwinn cruiser bike is very similar to the fourth option on our list. It features a 13-inch steel frame and rigid fork as well as chrome fenders, delivering style and efficiency. With a single-speed drivetrain that is easy to use, the easy-to-use coaster brake delivers sure stops.

It is designed with the high-rise ape handlebars and the Sting-Ray banana seat. They both ensure optimum comfort and convenience for your girl.

This bike, which is 95% assembled, is quite easy to assemble and comes with assembly tools as well as easy-to-follow instructions.

In addition, this bike features steel wheels with 20-inch tires. The size of the front tire is 20″ x 1.95″ and that of the rear tire is 20″ x 2.125”. The wheels are great for your 6 years old+ or 4 ft to 5 ft tall child.


i. Lifetime warranty

ii. Powerful brake

iii. Easy to assemble


i. Expensive


Cruiser bikes are great for kids’ recreation and fun exercise. In this article, we reviewed amazing bikes with the right features to turn up the fun and keep your child safe. Be sure to select a bike with the right size for your kid’s height. We hope that you have found a great kids cruiser bike for your little one to enjoy riding!