Best Dress Shoes For Standing All Day – Comfort Guaranteed

If you’ve ever worked at a job where you need to be on your feet all day, you understand the struggle of finding comfortable, presentable dress shoes that don’t leave your calves aching and your arches weeping by the end of your shift. 

After spending countless hours walking up and down staircases and running around the office to collaborate with my coworkers, I found myself wondering what the best dress shoes for standing all day were. After all, I needed to be both comfortable and stylish and wanted something that would work with my professional ensemble, without leaving me feeling like I was wearing nurses’ shoes all day. That’s where this list comes in handy. 

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I’ve done the legwork (pun intended) so you don’t have to, rounding up the best dress shoes for anyone who finds themselves on their feet for a majority of their work day. These dress shoes are stylish, comfortable, and in some cases, unisex, meaning you can wear them with whatever professional attire suits your needs. Plus, with a range of colors to choose from, you may end up like me and have several different pairs of the same shoes for all your coordinating needs!

A Quick Look at the Best Dress Shoes for Standing All Day 

1. Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On Loafer 

2. Cole Haan Men’s Original Grand Shortwing Oxford Shoe 

3. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxford 

4. Skechers Women’s Bikers -Fiesta Mary Jane Flat 

5. SOUL Naturalizer Women’s Kacy Loafer Flat 

Our Reviews of the Best Work Dress Shoes for Standing All Day

Without further ado, let’s jump into the best dress shoes for standing all day, and what you should consider before investing in a nice pair of supportive, comfortable footwear.

Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On Loafer

If you asked me my top choice for best ladies’ dress shoes for standing all day, the Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On Loafers would be my top pick, hands-down. These stylish shoes come in three different colors: black leather, black, and brown, with slight textural differences in the two shades of black that make a world of difference when paired with different outfits.

Not only do these shoes have stretch adjustments around the top that make for a comfortable fit, the soft OrthoLite insides cushion and protect your foot all day long, helping you avoid dreaded aching feet after a long day in the office or on the sales floor. Thermoplastic elastomers soles offer an added buffer between your feet and the floor, a perk I’ve found myself wishing for with my other work shoes. 

As far as fashion goes, these shoes are stylish but reserved, with a modest 2-inch heel that offers just enough lift to help those of us who are vertically challenged, without adding extra strain on your calves like a pair of heels would. 

If you’re looking for my top pick for ladies’ dress shoes for standing all day, these are hands-down the best shoes on the market. With an excellent spread of colors to choose from, and a stylish, understated design, these shoes have top ranking in my personal closet and are sure to take some of the stress out of your workday. 

Cole Haan Men’s Original Grand Shortwing Oxford Shoe

I’m going to be honest; I go a little crazy for a nice pair of Oxford shoes. The Cole Haan Men’s Original Grand Shortwing Oxford Shoe sport a long name for such an understated, sexy pair of footwear. With 11 different color combinations to choose from, your entire wardrobe can be dominated by these professional, comfortable shoes. 

While these are easily the best men’s dress shoes for standing all day, Oxfords sport a unisex design that works well for anyone looking for a bit more androgyny in their office attire. Plus, if you’re like me and find yourself approaching closer to 6 feet in height, the lack of a heel on these Oxfords can be a real bonus!

These shoes sport an EVA midsole with a rubber outsole, meaning you stay more comfortable throughout the day. The rubber outsole helps distribute the overall shock that comes from walking around the office, and the midsole cushions and cradles your foot, allowing you to spend more time running around the office without worrying about foot pain. 

As if I wasn’t already in love with these shoes enough, they’re made from real leather, meaning they’re sure to last for years to come and will look even more dignified as they age. Plus, the uniquely colored sole options in some of the styles offered by the company add a dash of modernity to your office outfit, helping set you apart from the rest of your coworkers. 

If you’re looking for a stylish, striking pair of men’s dress shoes for standing all day, these are sure to please. 

Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxford

You got me, I managed to sneak another pair of Oxfords onto this list. Dr. Scholl’s is a household name for those of us with foot problems, and for good reason. They create incredible inserts and even more incredible shoes that will keep you running your best throughout the busy workday.

If you’re looking for a pair of dress shoes with sneaker rubber soles to keep you bouncing between tasks while around the office, Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxfords are the best of the best.

While these dress shoes may have slightly less to pick from color-wise when compared with my previous pick, the six different sole and material combinations are nothing to scoff at and are sure to fit snuggly in your professional wardrobe. The cushioned rubber insole provides optimal support and comfort throughout the day, while still offering the appearance of real leather soles.

One thing I love about these shoes is they’re vegetarian-friendly, as they’re made with faux leather. However, the overall durability of these shoes compares perfectly with the other Oxfords on this list, meaning you can avoid leather products without compromising on structural integrity. Plus, these Oxfords offer a classic, professional look that will work with almost any outfit, making them a key component of any business attire. 

If you’re looking for my recommendation for the best dress shoes with rubber soles, Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxfords are the clear winners. 

Skechers Women’s Bikers -Fiesta Mary Jane Flat 

Don’t let the fact that these shoes are from Skechers throw you off, these are some of the best Mary Jane dress shoes around! I love the lowcut design of these shoes for easy transitioning between work and home. 

Their slip-on design and adjustable straps make for some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Plus, there’s something undeniably cute about the strap design on these shoes!

One thing worth noting for these shoes is their overall size options, as there are plenty of wide sizing options for those of us with slightly larger feet. I know that finding the best wide dress shoes for standing all day can be a pain, and nothing contributes more to overall foot pain than cramming your feet into too-small shoes. That’s why these shoes are my top pick for anyone looking for wide dress shoes that support and cradle your feet.

With a relaxed overall fit, as well as cooling materials, these shoes can make the transition between working in the office to doing errands in a snap, without wearing out or losing their professional appeal. As an added bonus, the stretch material and adjustable straps allow these shoes to fit your feet perfectly, making them a must-have for the shoe-wise office worker. 

If I had to pick just one pair of Mary Janes for the office, these would easily be my top pick because of their comfort, adjustability, and wide-foot friendliness, to say nothing of their overall dress shoe appeal! 

SOUL Naturalizer Women’s Kacy Loafer Flat

I have a confession to make: I have flat arches. I know, I know, it’s not something I can control, but it does make finding a pair of comfortable dress shoes a pain. While there are plenty of insoles I can purchase and add to my favorite shoes, the added bulk and hassle can be a real drag. That’s where the SOUL Naturalizer Women’s Kacy Loafer Flat comes into play. 

Where were these beauties when I was pulling together my last interview outfit?  Not only are these the best dress shoes with arch support on the market today, but they also come in a wide range of colors to match almost any outfit, and the professional appeal is off the charts. 

Seriously, if you’re looking for a pair of dress shoes that will turn heads without turning your ankles, these are the ones. Plus, these shoes are made with 100% real leather, meaning they’ll age like a fine wine and support you through countless coffee runs and printer jams, while keeping your arches supported and comfortable all day long. 

How to Buy Comfortable Dress Shoes for Standing

SOUL Naturalizer Women's Kacy Loafer Flat, BLACK LEATHER, 10

While I’ve gone through and given you my favorite dress shoes for those of us who spend all day on our feet, I’m going to help you figure out how to shop for your own dress shoes. Trust me, we’ve all stood at a shoe store and stared down that endless wall of professional shoes and wondered if a good pair of shoes is worth the effort. 

That’s why I’ve compiled this list to help you judge if that cute pair of kitten heels or wingtip Oxford will stand up to the wear and tear of a day of work. 

Here are the top things to keep in mind when shopping for comfortable dress shoes for standing.

➤Arch support

As I said above, I struggle with flat arches, which means arch support is easily my top concern when shopping for dress shoes. You want to make sure that any dress shoe you invest in has comfortable, flexible arch support that fits your foot and cradles the soles of your feet. 

While you can always invest in a nice pair of specialized inserts, having built-in arch support goes a long way towards your overall comfort, and can help you avoid aching feet and sore heels after a long day at the office. 


I try and keep the overall construction of my dress shoes in mind when shopping for a new wardrobe staple. While I personally am a huge leather fan, as it lasts for literal decades, choosing the right shoe material can seriously impact the overall comfort of your shoes. 

Leather is durable, sure, but it takes a while to stretch out, and has limited breathability, making it less than ideal for those of us who find our shoes turning into a sauna during the summer months. Being sure that your dress shoes are made from a sturdy, but comfortable material can make a world of difference when it comes down to it. 


This section goes hand-in-hand with arch support when it comes to choosing the right dress shoes for being on your feet all day. Having proper cushioning in your work shoes can help you avoid a world of hurt and keep blisters and bunions at bay. 

A good pair of cushioned work shoes can be as good as gold, whether you’re running around the office or working at a retail job where making it from one end of the store to the other is of crucial importance. A good pair of work shoes offer some level of cushion without drowning your feet in added fluff and fur. After all, unless you work in the arctic tundra, you should avoid shoes that are overly lined or made out of fur, as these can lead to sweaty feet. 


Finally, you want to consider the overall appearance of your dress shoes. Sure, this is usually the first thing I look for when shopping for casual shoes, but when it comes to work shoes, you want to measure practicality with their overall appeal. 

Cole Haan Men's Grand Evolution Shortwing Oxford, Black/Ivory, 10 Medium US

Obviously, you want work shoes that will match the workplace environment, as well as most of your clothes, but you also want a pair of dress shoes that attract attention and speak to your own professional merit. 

Our Final Thoughts On Best Dress Shoes For Standing All Day

Whether you find yourself hiking miles of stairs to deliver those reports or are sprinting across the street for a coffee break, investing in comfortable dress shoes can make a world of difference in your workday. If you find yourself standing for long hours, a pair of decent dress shoes can be a real investment toward your comfort and can help you avoid the aching feet and back problems associated with the workweek’s rise-and-grind.

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